Sapa: 3-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Explore Sapa Town and Surroundings

  • Arrive in Sapa by bus or train from Hanoi. Check in to your hotel and enjoy the view of the mountains and valleys.
  • Visit the Sapa Museum to learn about the history and culture of the local ethnic groups. See the exhibits of traditional costumes, handicrafts and tools.
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant and try some Sapa specialties such as salmon hotpot, grilled pork with bamboo shoots or sticky rice with seven colors.
  • Take a walk around the Sapa Market and browse the stalls selling trekking gear, souvenirs and local products. You can also interact with some of the hill-tribe people who come to sell their goods.
  • Climb up to Ham Rong Mountain and enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa town and the surrounding peaks. You can also visit the orchid garden, the cloud yard and the stone forest on the way up.
  • Have dinner at a cozy cafe or restaurant in town. You can also watch a cultural show or join a H’mong sewing class at some places.

Day 2: Trek to Muong Hoa Valley and Cat Cat Village

  • Have breakfast at your hotel and prepare for a full day of trekking. You can hire a local guide or join a tour group if you prefer.
  • Start your trek from Sapa town to Muong Hoa Valley, one of the most scenic areas in Sapa. You will pass by lush rice terraces, streams, waterfalls and villages of different ethnic groups such as Hmong, Dao and Giay.
  • Stop for lunch at a local homestay or restaurant in the valley. You can also visit the Ancient Rock Field, where you can see hundreds of carved stones dating back to thousands of years ago.
  • Continue your trek to Cat Cat Village, a traditional H’mong village near Sapa town. You can see how the locals live, work and make handicrafts such as brocade, silver jewelry and musical instruments.
  • Return to Sapa town by foot or by motorbike taxi. Have dinner at a local restaurant and relax after a long day.

Day 3: Conquer Fansipan Mountain or Visit Silver Waterfall and Sky Gate

  • Have breakfast at your hotel and choose one of these two options for your last day in Sapa:
  • Option 1: Conquer Fansipan Mountain, the highest peak in Vietnam and Indochina. You can take a cable car from Sapa town to the summit, which takes about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can hike up from Tram Ton Pass, which takes about 6 hours. Either way, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the mountains and clouds. You can also visit the pagoda, the Buddha statue and the garden on the top of Fansipan.
  • Option 2: Visit Silver Waterfall and Sky Gate, two of the most popular attractions near Sapa town. Silver Waterfall is a spectacular cascade of water falling from a height of 200 meters. Sky Gate is a viewpoint on the highest road in Vietnam, where you can see the whole valley below and the majestic Fansipan Mountain above.
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant near your chosen destination. You can also try some local fruits such as peach, plum or persimmon on the way back to Sapa town.
  • Check out from your hotel and catch your bus or train back to Hanoi. Say goodbye to Sapa and its beautiful landscapes.